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Building Advanced Manufacturing Ecosystems for Sustainable Growth

12 noon to 1 pm
24 May 2022
Sunstar Hotel, Davos
Building Advanced Manufacturing Ecosystems for Sustainable Growth

Tamil Nadu, South Asia's only Advanced Manufacturing Hub is its most industrialized region and contributes up to a tenth of the India's GDP. The state is home to over 38,000 factories and exports manufactured goods to over 100 countries. With an SGDP measuring more than US$ 300 billion, the state's economy is larger than Finland and New Zealand.

Integrating the state's factories into a seamless global supply chain is key to the state's ambition to be a US$ 1 trillion economy by 2030. Adopting and implementing industry 4.0 standards is key to this vision. We recognize the 'Global Lighthouse Network' and their adoption and demonstration of success across themes of product development, supply network and connectivity, delivery and planning, customer connectivity, digital quality management, digital assembly and machines, digital quality management, digitally enabled sustainability.

As the world's smartest minds gather in Davos, it becomes a perfect platform for the state to articulate its vision and seek inputs to realize them. While Tamil Nadu aspires to enable technology adoption across manufacturing and transition to Industry 4.0 these are some themes to be addressed:

  • Making Industry 4.0 use cases affordable for all players across manufacturing value chain
  • Enabling R&D investments to drive the next wave of innovation in manufacturing
  • Augmenting competence of firms across productivity, agility and sustainability
  • Enhancing quality management across the value chain through smart integrated factories
  • Promoting sustainability in industrialization under ESG frameworks with tangible impact
  • Enabling smart ecosystem and generating circularity to achieve resource efficiency
  • Building resilient supply chains through IoT and DTMS (Digital Transport Management Systems) interventions

Join us as we seek answers to some of the most pertinent problems facing the future of manufacturing and integrated global supply chains.

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Speakers @ Davos 2022


Honorable Minister, Industries, Investment Promotion and Commerce Department, Government of Tamil Nadu


Additional Chief Secretary, Industries Department Government of Tamil Nadu


Community Curator for AMHUB, WEF


Founder and CEO, Sinai Technology


Professor at University of Zurich and University of Cambridge


Executive Vice President, Worldwide Operations, Flex


Author and Analyst (moderator)


EVP & CEO Industrial Automation; Member of the Executive Committee, Schneider Electric

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